VBS Programs

VBS Programs

Valley Beth Shalom offerings

VBS Programs
  • Thinking Aloud with Rabbi Nolan Lebovitz

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  • Inside Yossi's Room

    1 season

    "Inside Yossi's Room" is a brand new video series that gives the VBS community a look at Ritual Director Yossi Dresner's over 50 years here at the synagogue. Yossi brings viewers behind the scenes, sharing his experience starting at VBS, recapping memorable teaching moments and giving advice on e...

  • High Holidays 2022/5783 - By Day

    6 items

    Sanctuary Services are held in the Niznick Sanctuary, led by VBS Clergy with accompaniment by piano and a professional choir conducted and directed by Chris Hardin. These services include our traditional prayers, reading of the Torah and Rabbi's sermon.

    VBS Clergy includes Rabbi Nolan Lebovitz, ...

  • Culinary Judaics Academy

    10 items

    VBS is thrilled to partner with Chef Danny and Culinary Judaics Academy (CJA) to bring you exclusive member content. CJA uses cooking as the vehicle to teach about Jewish values, holidays, Torah, Israel and more! For more fun, delicious and Jewishly rewarding cooking workshops, check out THIS LI...

  • Children's Programming

    11 items

    VBS TV! offers children's programming. Tune in and join the fun!

  • Jewish Life is Waking Up: A New Series

    8 items

    A new series of conversations with Rabbi Noa Kushner, The Kitchen, San Francisco, Rabbi Ed Feinstein, Valley Beth Shalom, and the visionaries shaping Jewish life for the next generation. Long before the pandemic, Jewish communal life was already in a state of change. Definitions of what held us t...

  • Bachutz - Living Jewishly Outdoors

    4 items

    Follow Nick Greene, long time VBS educator, as he showcases his travels through the great outdoors, weaving nature with Jewish values and Talmudic themes.

    This program in funded in part thanks to a grant from USCJ's Pacific Southwest Region.

  • Torah Study with Rabbi Ed Feinstein

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    Join Rabbi Ed Feinstein on Shabbat mornings at 9:00am to learn about the week’s Torah portion. Guests Rabbi Marc Gellman and Rabbi Sherre Hirsch often join the broadcast to engage in lively debate and discussion about the week's Torah portion and its application to today's world.